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Ulrich Fenners
Herr Fenners

My name is Ulrich Fenners. I live in Dülken-Viersen a town close to the Dutch border with Venlo. For the past 52 years I have been a member of the DVG, in that time 20 years as a helper and instructor, in which I have taken part in large events within the DVG and Pedigree Kennel clubs.

I was one of the first DVG members to acquire the dhv helper certificate and was one of the first to apply for the DVG SKN when it was introduced.

With my dogs I have taken part in the VPG area and major events within the DVG, as well as pedigree championships. I am a bearer of the VDH Sports Badge including all dhv and DVG sports insignia. For the past 25 years I have been an active judge and now for the past 9 years LRO DVG for the Land Association Nord- Rheinland. Also in this time I have judged 17 Land Association events within the Federal Republic of Germany. The highlights for me so far is that I have had the good fortune to be chosen to judge a dhv German Championship, a DVG National Championship, and in 2006 the American Championship in Part C (protection) in Tulsa.

I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the end of October.

Best Regards
Ulrich Fenners