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Submitted 06/9/14 by Lisa Little

June 9th 2014 Judges Meeting

The judges meeting went very well this year and was attended by all of our DVG Judges. Klaus-Jurgen Glueh was here from Germany and he is the New LRO in Germany and took over his position on April 6th. 2014. There are a couple of clarifications in the rules that I would like you all to know about.


Tracking, you may walk up to either side of your dog to pick up your article. You may either praise your dog before or after you pick up the article but not both. Your dog may be slightly crooked at the article without point deduction. You may also swing out behind your dog at the corners once your dog has actually made the turn. If you swing out before the dog has made the turn this will be considered handler help.

IPO 1 and IPO 2

If your dog walks the first article you lose the points for the article and then because you cannot show a restart there you lose one more point for no restart.

IPO 3 and Fh

If your dog misses an article you lose the points for the article and a ˝ point for showing no restart. Remember the legs are worth less at the three and fh level that is why the difference in point loss from the ones and two’s.


The dog must bring back the dumb bell in the retrieving exercise to get any points. All commands must be able to be heard by the judge in all phases.


Dog must circle the blind. Closely and intently. The handler must call the dog out of the blind with no pause between the words. Example heir/fuss not heir---------fuss!

Training vests are acceptable at club trials. Of course you need to be careful that there is no food or toys in pockets. A judge may ask the vest to be removed if it has pockets that are over done to maybe let the dog think that there is something in there. This is the judges discretion.

Microchip and tattoo check. The judges will have the trial chairman scan the dogs or read the tattoo. The handler will allow the trial chairman to do this at all trials. Lisa Little
LV America LRO

Submitted 05/24/14 by Lisa Little

Jacki Purdham becomes a new Judge

Jacki Purdham #112 passed her practical exam today in Oregon.   Klaus-Jurgen Glueh who is DVG Germany's LRO came over to test her.

She did all of this today and is now a Judge.

Congratulations Jacki, your hard work paid off.

Lisa Little
LV America LRO

Submitted 04/15/14 by Lisa Little


I have had several people contact me about the use of different dumbbells. There is nothing mandatory about using any specific set of dumbbells. The only requirement is that the dumbbells meet the specific requirements of weight and height of the bar off the ground and made out of wood. You can see the proper specifications in the IPO rules.
Lisa Little
LV/DVG America LRO

Submitted 04/15/14 by Lisa Little

BH Written test requirements

Any handlers from outside of DVG doing their first BH do not have to write the written exam. The written exam is for first time BH handlers in DVG.
Lisa Little
LV/DVG America LRO

Submitted 04/15/14 by Lisa Little


I have had several people contact me about the use of different dumbbells. There is nothing mandatory about using any specific set of dumbbells. The only requirement is that the dumbbells meet the specific requirements of weight and height of the bar off the ground and made out of wood. You can see the proper specifications in the IPO rules.
Lisa Little
LV/DVG America LRO

Submitted 01/09/14 by Ray Reid

DVG America,

This will be my last column as LRO. It is time to turn the torch over to someone younger than me, which can lead the judges and the organization in the years to come.

I do have a several items of interest to report to the membership.

I have been talking with DVG Germany and they have come up with a solution to some of the problems in LV America and the problems in the LV’s in Germany in regards to declining membership. I believe and Germany concurs that the reason our sport is declining is because it is way too difficult for the average person. Even in our LV only about 5 % of the membership actually competes in the Championship. For those of you that are new to the sport it has changed drastically in the last 20 years. The dogs have gotten better, the handlers have gotten better, and the rules have become very strict!

Germany has come up with some fun titles that still utilize tracking, obedience, and protection and yet it is not as difficult as the IPO titles. These titles are for the majority of the members in the sport that just want to train and have fun with their dog, but are not interested in competing in a KG, or LV level in the IPO sport. We need to have something that is fun for the members that are the backbone of our organization. That is why some of the other dog sports such as agility have grown so fast and the IPO has stagnated or gone down in membership. I have seen a summary of those rules and I hope to have either the rules or a summary of the new titles for the next issue of the magazine. Germany is in the process of translating these rules for us, and then send them to me to proof read so we can use them in LV America.

Germany now has been translating almost everything I get from them. Germany has realized that we needed help in LV America and they are now having the office personnel translate all of our forms that we use in our trials and etc. into English. Thank you Christoph Holzschneider and Wolfgang Pahl for making this possible. We appreciate it very much!

I have gotten permission from Germany for LV America to be allowed to only have 3 new or existing members to form a club or continue as a club. This was something that LV America needed badly to increase its membership!

There have been 2 helpers from LV America that have been selected to try out for the 2015 DVG BSP. They are Wayne Kemper and Guy Ventura. I will set up a trial later in the year for them to try out on some dogs. Hopefully one of them will be selected to go to Germany and work the trial.

I have gotten bids on a pocket size rule book that is about $7.00 apiece. Germany is also looking into getting a bid for the rule books as well. Within the next couple of months we should have a pocket size version of the new IPO rules.

Speaking of rules there has been a new update on the tracking articles. This new rule is:

If articles are not found, then no points are awarded for them. If no articles are found, then phase “A” can only be rated as “satisfactory”. Also, you have to deduct points from the leg because the dog cannot show the restart at an article since no article was found.

In talking with the new LRO to be, it was decided that there should be a 2 point deduction for IPO 1 & 2, a 1 Point deduction for IPO 3, and a 1/2 point deduction for FH 1 & 2, plus what you deduct for the article, with the exception of the last article because there is no restart.

Example: If an IPO 1 or 2 dog missed both articles there would be a deduction of 23 points, because the articles in all 3 phases equal 21 points plus not showing a restart on the first article would be a minus 2 points.

We have a new judge starting this New Year. James Akin-Otiko was certified by Wolfgang Pahl on December 7th 2013. We have another new apprentice that should be certified in the next 6 months. Jacki Purdham has 2 to 3 more trials to do before being certified.

Last but not least, I have sent an email to Germany requesting again that the clubs be able to select their own judge. There would be a rule that the club would have to have 3 different judges in between having the same judge return to the club. That would make sure the judges would be rotated through, so a club could not just use 1 or 2 judges for their trials. The LRO would still assign judges to the clubs that did not wish to participate, and also to KG and LV Championships. This would allow clubs to check airfare to find the most economical airfare and pick the judge accordingly. If they agree with me, it would make it more economical and more feasible to have more trials.

I have enjoyed the time that I have spent being a member and helping DVG in different capacities over the last 33 years and I know that it will continue to grow once we implement some fun things for clubs to do.

I wish the Best of Luck to Everyone!

Yours in the Sport,


Submitted 01/09/14 by Ray Reid

LV DVG America Members, BH Test required 1/1/2014.  (Now only for new handlers)

As of January 1, 2014 all first time BH handlers will be required to take a written test to obtain the BH title. Exceptions to this rule are: (1) A handler who has successfully passed the written test after January 1, 2014 will not be required to take it again (2)All handlers who can prove they have personally earned a BH, VPG or IPO 1-3 don't need to take the new written BH test on new dogs they are trialing. The test is only for new handlers who have not titled a dog before.

The BH test will now be 3 parts which are: Obedience, Practical, and Written. It will be necessary to pass all 3 parts to obtain the BH title. Even though it is 3 parts, it will only be counted as 2 parts in an actual trial. Since this is the first test that DVG America has ever had for BH participants I know that there is a distinct possibility of some changes in the test either within the next year or starting in 2015. So, it is important to check the DVG America website for updates.

I have included the answers to this test for you to review and study.

Click Here for BH Test in pdf Format
Click Here for BH Test Answers

Yours in the Sport,
Ray Reid,
LV/DVG America LRO

Submitted 12/09/13 by Ray Reid

New clubs can be formed with only 3 members

I have just received permission to allow new clubs to form with only 3 members.

These clubs can be formed with new members or existing members.

Yours in the Sport,
Ray Reid,
LV/DVG America LRO

Submitted 12/09/13 by Ray Reid

James Akin-Otiko #113 is our newest judge for LV America. Congratulations!!

Submitted 05/30/13 by Ray Reid

LV DVG America Members,

This is the way the group is to be performed in all of our trials on or before 01/01/2014.

Please click on the link below, or copy and paste it in your browser. target="_blank"

Yours in the Sport,
Ray Reid LV/LRO

Submitted 03/22/13 by Ray Reid

LV DVG America Members,

We had an apprentice certification at a trial in Tulsa Oklahoma on March 17th & 18th, 2013. The judges that were present at this certification were:

Wolfgang Pahl VP - DVG Germany
Udo Stachowiak - LRO/DVG Germany
Ray Reid - LRO/LV America
Ann Dolan
Lisa Little
Sandi Purdy

LV America now has 2 new judges Amanda Hoskinson and Melissa Hepler, and 2 new apprentice judges, James Akin-Otiko and Jacki Purdham. These 2 new judges and the 2 new apprentice judges have the complete support of DVG Germany and LV America judges. The complete list of judges is below along with their numbers.

The 2 new judges and the 2 new apprentice judges were all given a very thorough examination. The practical test lasted 9 hours, and the written and oral tests lasted 6 hours. All of the judges attended both days and we were just as exhausted as the new judges and apprentices.

I believe that the new judges and the new apprentices are a positive step in moving DVG America forward into the best training organization in North America!

Yours in the Sport,
Ray Reid LRO/LV America

LV/DVG America Judges as of 03-18-2013

Amanda Hoskinson 109
Ann Dolan – 61
Fred Marashi – 62
Gottfried Dildei – 5
Hartmut Beckmann – 11
Jennifer Reid—91
Lisa Little—107
Melissa Hepler 108
Ray Reid – 22
Sandi Purdy – 25
Ted Hartman - 87

LV/DVG America Apprentices as of 3-18-2013

James Akin-Otiko
Jackie Purdham

Submitted 01/14/13 by Ray Reid

There are some LV members that are having a second chip put in their dogs. The reason varies, but a common one is wanting an American Chip in the dog in case the dog is lost. So many of the Humane Societies and shelters do not have a chip reader yet that will read the European chip.

If a judge locates or is informed that there is another chip in the dog. Then the first judge to acknowledge the second chip must make sure that both chips are written on the DVG scorebook, and initial them to acknowledge the second chip. Then a copy of the DVG scorebook must be furnished by the owner of that dog listing both chips with your initials. This is sent into Germany with your paperwork that you send them on the trial, along with a note to the DVG office to add the second chip to their records.

Submitted 11/25/12 by Ray Reid

To All DVG America Clubs,

Since DVG America is a member of the AWDF we abide by their decisions on the Aggressive Dog Policy.

AWDF has made the decision to impose a 1 year ban on this dog due to aggression.

This dog Connor z Westwood, Chip # 9810000001929089, Registration #DN28861702, has been banned from all DVG America events effective 11-25-2012, for a time period of 1 year.

Yours in the Sport,


Submitted 11/01/12 by Ray Reid

1. What constitutes a legal trial?

Four dog minimum. Dog titles that qualify are: BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, FH 1 and FH 2 All other titles are considered extra and do not count in the minimum.

2. How do we handle checking for microchips?

When putting in for a trial all interested handlers/clubs need to make sure that their dog's microchip can be read. It is our suggestion that handlers practice finding their dog's chips. Don’t wait till the day of the trial to do this. Please understand the chip can migrate from their original point of insertion. The day of the trial, if a chip cannot be found then the dog will not be allowed to enter. Period! Again, make sure you have the correct reader and practice this with your dogs.

3. What are the judge’s fees?

The clubs are responsible for the judge from the time the judge leaves his/her home until his/her returns home. The fee is $100 per day plus expenses. If the judge leaves his/her home on Friday before 1:00 PM, Friday is considered a full day and to be reimbursed $100. If the judge leaves after 1 PM on Friday then that is one half day per Diem and is paid $50.00 for that day. Hotel, parking, mileage to/from the airport, food, tolls, shuttles and if the judge drives .50 per mile is all to be covered by the club. If the judge drives from their home to the trial then the reimbursement is the lowest airfare or .50 per mile whichever is cheaper. If the judge has a flight cancelled because of weather etc. the club is responsible for that hotel, food and etc. until the judge is able to return home. Also, if the judge returns home after midnight on Sunday evening then the club is also responsible for the $100.00 day per diem for the next day. The only thing that the judge should pay for out of their own pocket, are any alcoholic beverages consumed. If you have any questions please ask your judge for clarification.

Submitted 11/01/12 by Ray Reid

Judges recommendations:

  • If a club puts in for a one-2 day trail (one trial number) for example a dog can enter for a BH on Saturday and then do an IPO 1 on Sunday. However, it is not possible to do an IPO 1 then IPO 2 etc. In order to do that the club must ask for two - 1 day trials (two trial numbers) PS - Each trial number is paid by DVG/America and not the clubs.
  • We ask that clubs try to consolidate their entries. This can save the LV money and the judge’s time etc. Please try to avoid for example four dogs on Saturday and four dogs on Sunday. If it can be done, it is much easier and will save money and time to do it all on one day.
  • When you send a trial application in, this trial should be for your club. The problem we are having is a lot of clubs are sending in trial applications and then cancelling them when they do not get enough entries from outside clubs. The problem with this is other clubs have had to move their trial around because there are not any judges for that date, and it makes it difficult for everyone, and is expensive for DVG America to pay for a trial that is cancelled.

Submitted 11/01/12 by Ray Reid

Apprentice Judges

We have two new apprentice judges that have applied to become judges. They are:

Jacki Purdham
James Akin-Otiko

These names were sent out to the judges for approval on 10-01-2012. The judges have been given 30 days for any negative comments of which there were none. The only comments that came to me were positive comments.

If the membership has any comments on these two judge apprentices please send them to Ray Reid by 12-31-2012 at

Submitted 10/04/12 by Ray Reid

Until further notice the LRO will assign all of the judges for the upcoming trials.

Submitted 8/28/12 by Ray Reid

Judges will inspect all tattoos and microchips

Effective 08-28-2012 the judges will inspect all tattoos and microchips on all dogs entered in the trial. If the judge is unable to read the tattoo or the microchip then the dog will not be admitted into the trial.

This rule went into effect 3 years ago and DVG Germany was not aware that we were not conducting the check on all dogs.

There will be no exceptions to this rule, so please notify all of your clubs immediately that they will need a scanner or the owner will need a scanner and if the tattoo or chip is not readable then the dog will be refused entry into the trial. If you have a dog where the tattoo is unreadable then you need to have the dog tattooed again or get a microchip inserted in your dog, and have the scorebook changed to reflect the chip.

Submitted 6/05/12 by Ray Reid

Rules for Helpers was added as page 10 to the New IPO Guidelines (4-30-2012)

Click here for latest IPO Guidelines in PDF Format.

Submitted 4/4/12 by Ray Reid

A Change in the rules for the BH

The English Rulebook states the following under the BH rules for the long down. This is incorrect.

If the dog leaves the designated area by more than 3 meters prior to the other dog completing exercise 2 then the exercise is evaluated with zero points. If the dog leaves the designated area after the end of exercise 2, then a deduction of 3 points will result.

It should state the following: The change is in blue!

If the dog stands or sits, but stays in the same place it is a partial points. If the dog leaves the designated area by more then 3 meters prior to the other dog completes exercise 2, then the exercise is evaluated with zero points. If the dog leaves the designated area after the end of exercise 2, then it is given partial points for that exercise. If the dog goes towards the handler when handler goes to pick up dog, there is a up to 3 point deduction.

The change is in the amount of points that are deducted. The English rules state minus 3 points, the German rules states minus partial points. That means it is left up to the discretion of the judge to deduct whatever amount they feel is correct depending upon when the dog breaks.

Submitted 3/12/12 by Ray Reid

"These are some explanations and changes in the new IPO rules. I still expect some more changes in the near future"

Click here for the information listed below in a printable pdf file

New Trial Rules Info


  • There will no longer be “SchH or VPG” titles, only IPO.
  • The former WH title is gone!
  • A minimum score of 80 in protection is no longer required to move on to the next level. A minimum of 70 points is sufficient for the dog to go to the next level.
  • A Judge may judge up to a maximum of 36 parts in one day.
  • Note: It is still ok to present multiple scorebooks.
BH and BH/VT
  • Sit Exercise - Handler stops after 10 to 15 steps and gives Sit Command while in Basic Position, then leaves 15 steps.
  • Down with Recall Exercise – Handler stops after 10 to 15 steps and gives Down Command while in Basic Position, then leaves 30 steps
  • BH/VT is for the first time Handler and includes the “theoretical examination” and the training/behavioral tests. DVG America is exempt and still does not require this test.
  • Leather collars are permissible at this level!
Various Titles:
  • IPO A 1, IPO A 2, & IPO A 3 (Utility Dog Title) The phases B/C are carried out for levels 1-3, similar to the old SchH A, but allowing a level 2 and 3 to be earned.
  • FPr- 1-3: Tracking tests only phase A (BH required but can skip levels)
  • UPr-1-3: Obedience tests only phase B (BH required but can skip levels)
  • SPr-1-3: Protection phase C can only be given when in conjunction with a FPr 1-3 or a UPr1-3. (BH required but can skip levels)
  • IPO ZTP: International Breed Suitability Test.
  • Clubs are not required to offer this title in trials.
  • I.P.O. V: International Preliminary working test
  • Clubs are not required to offer this title in trials.
  • IPO 1-3: International Working test levels 1-3
  • FH1 : Tracking test (1 track-1 day)
  • FH2 : Tracking test (1 track-1 day)
  • IPO-FH: International tracking test (2 FH 2 tracks, performed on 2 days, same judge allowed for Club trials, 2 judges for Championships)
  • STp 1-3: Article search indication test
  • Only major change is the articles are now worth 21 points-----no more “Good” rating without indication!
OBEDIENCE Main Changes:
  • IPO 1 will report in to the judge on leash. IPO 2 & 3 removes the leash before entering the field and report in off leash.
  • For the jumps, the dog must do at least 1 jump and complete the retrieving portion in order to receive any points at all
  • In all Out of Motion exercises WITHOUT RECALL Handlers only need to (and should) PROCEED 15 paces after executing the command to Sit or Stand! (In all exercises that the dog is RECALLED the Handler still goes 30 paces away.)
  • All Dumbbell re-throws; The dog must stay in place at SIT! (If the dog follows the Handler past the equipment, exercise is over, “M” 0 points) If the dog leaves the SIT, but does not go beyond a partial score will be given.

Main Changes and Comments:

Reporting in:

  • IPO 1 reports in on lead and proceeds to the start position of the search on lead, and then the lead is removed.
  • IPO 2 and 3 reports in off lead and heels off lead to the start position for the search.
  • Escape is to be done with a command such as “Voran”, “Go”.
  • The Escape exercise is now properly executed by the HANDLER giving a "go" command at the same time as the Helper is directed by the Judge to go. Failure to give the command is faulty.
  • Defense exercise remains the same.
Back Transport
  • Back Transport must be at least a minimum distance of 30 paces and does not have to have a corner.
Long Bite
  • Attack on Dog out of Motion (Long Attack, Courage Test) for all levels the Handler / Dog Team are positioned at the end of the field between blinds 1 and 2.
  • The Helper will always come out of blind six and will run further up field for the IP01 and IPO 2 before the dog is released. Distance is Full field for IP03.
  • For IPO1 the Helper must run down field and the dog is released at about 30 -40 paces from the Helper.
  • IPO2 the dog is released at about 40-50paces from the Helper.
  • IPO 3 the dog is released about full field after the Helper has turned and threatened the dog.
  • The Helper runs out of the Blind to the midline of the field and turns to attack the dog for all levels of the long attack in IPO 1-3.
  • Verbal threats are given 2 times, once after Helper turns towards the dog, and once more just prior to contact with stick threat!
  • After reporting out the Handler is required to free heel their dog a distance away from the Judge and Helper. (3 to 5 paces in all levels)
  • After the helper stops, there MUST be a TRANSITION phase from fight to out.
General Rules Protection
  • Rules state that for more than seven dogs in a level, an additional helper is required.
  • For DVG/USA Club Trials this rule will be waived to allow smaller clubs with only one helper to hold trials.
  • All dogs in the same level must be worked by the same helper unless there are special circumstances where a helper is also entered in the trial. This must be discussed and approved by the judge.
  • Six blinds are always set upon the trial field regardless of whether there any IPO 2 or 3 dogs. This is done to show control of the IPO 1 and 2 dogs.
  • One Helper may work front and back half SchH3 at club level.

Submitted 11/22/11 by Hartmut Beckmann

New IPO Rules will be effective January 1st, 2012
  • As most of you know, the new IPO Rules have been signed and will be effective January 1st, 2012. We were hoping and waiting for a final version of the new IPO Rules to be released. However, unfortunately the FCI still has not released a revised version of the new rules.
  • So, the latest available version of the IPO Rules can be found here by clicking here, but please keep in mind that there are a few mistakes in this publication. The good news is that there are actually few changes in the IPO Rules (especially for IPO 1-3) and that most of the major changes stated correctly in this publication.
  • As soon as we either receive a revised version from the FCI or we are able to create a correct translation ourselves, we will make this available.
  • Best wishes
    Hartmut Beckmann
    LRO DVG America

Submitted 06/01/11 by Hartmut Beckmann

New Procedure for Trials:
  • Please note that, starting immediately, we do have a new procedure for hosting trials.
  • You will no longer receive the Trial Package (containing the trial paperwork) from Germany, but instead, Germany will send me a confirmation of the approved trial applications with their respective trial numbers, which I will pass on to the club/trial chairperson.
  • The club will be responsible to print out the Judge’s Trial Report and Judge’s Books (as needed), and then fill them out as usual. Please make sure you put the trial number (which I will provide) on the Trial Report form. As usual, you will need to provide 3 copies of the Judge’s Trial Report.
  • The forms are available on our DVG America Website under “DVG Forms”.
  • As always, please send me your trial applications as early as possible. If you have alternate dates please send me those as well, preferably on a separate piece of paper.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via E-mail at

Submitted 10/06/08 by Hartmut Beckmann

Signature of Training Director for DVG entries
  • There seems to be some confusion about when a signature of the Training Director (TD) is required on the entry form.
  • If a DVG member wants to compete in a DVG Trial, the signature of the TD is required
    • for a BH (unless the dog has earned a BH already)
    • and for the first VPG/IPO title.
  • Once a dog has earned a VPG/IPO I, that signature is no longer required.
  • A guest member (not DVG) does not need that signature, but be sure to check if he/she is a current member of a recognized organization (i.e USA) and has a valid scorebook from the same organization before accepting that entry.
  • Members who are going for other titles, such as Obedience or Tracking Titles do not need that signature.

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