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Providing Comprehensive Information

DVG America Freight Forwarding provides premier freight forwarding and logistics information to business owners, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and casual readers. Our blog is focused on a few hot-topics, which include: overarching freight information, e-commerce applications, and customs brokerage.

Our team of industry experts are based in Atlanta, GA and have numerous businesses both in the state and nationally. They use their collective experience to provide information to the readers of the blog, and take great pride in being able to give helpful information to our audience.

If you have a specific question regarding the freight industry, or running a business in the Atlanta area, don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our dedicated writers will be happy to answer for you.

Meet Our Team

Meet the team that got DVG America Freight Forwarding started!

Harry Johnston
Harry JohnstonBlog Owner
Harry is the founder of the DVG America Freight Forwarding blog and experienced logistics researcher. He enjoys nothing more than delving into the industry, learning new practices, and examining logistics trends.
Meagan Elizabeth
Meagan ElizabethOperations & Content
Meagan is the backend operations and content manager of the blog. She grew up in a family of customs brokers and has spent her career blogging extensively on the subject. She loves to write and has a masters in English.
James Grayson
James GraysonCreative Director
James is the creative director and designer of the blog. Together with Harry and Meagan he was instrumental in its creation, and loves nothing more than designing awesome websites. He does not have the same background in logistics as the other two, but shares their passion for providing great information to readers.

Thanks for Reading About Us!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our team and check out our blog! We’ll be updating it monthly with great new articles full of the freight information you need!