The following application should be completed and signed by your KG OFS, Club Training Director, and Club President. The applicant must be of minimum age 18; however, younger applicants to a minimum age of 16 can apply if written parental or legal guardian consent is given in writting. The applicant must also be a DVG member at the time of application. Further, the applicant must have regularly worked with some Schutzhund Club as a training helper for a period of one year immediately prior to the this application and have attended two (2) helper seminars conducted by either KG/OFS or LV/OFS. Applicants will also be required to present two (2) passport sized photos and a current DVG membership card before certification can be finalized.

Name: __________________________________________________ DVG # ___________

Home Address: ____________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________

Club _____________________________________________________________________

Month & Year joined DVG __________________________________________________

How long have you worked as a club training helper? ______________________

____________________________________________________________   ___________
                     Applicant's Signature                         Date

I verify that the above applicant is currently working as a training 
helper in my club and has done so for a period of one year.

____________________________________________________________   ___________
                         Club President                            Date

I verify  that the above applicant is qualified for Helper Certification.

____________________________________________________________   ___________
                        Training Director                          Date

I verify that the above applicant has completed two helper training 
seminars under my direction and is prepared for Helper Certification.

____________________________________________________________   ___________
                            KG OFS                                 Date

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