Trial Helper Evaluation Form

To: LV/DVG America Judges and OFS's
Wayne Kemper, LV/OFS
10815 Clarkson St.
Northglenn, CO 80233    (303) 489-2957

Identifying good trial helpers is paramount to our sport. Your thoughts and observations about helper performances are invaluable. Please complete this form on each helper working for you in a trial and forward to the LV/OFS at the above address. These forms will be used to identify helpers for future competitions and/or those needing adjustments.

1.   Helper's Name: ____________________________________________ Trial Date: ___________

2.   Club Holding Trial ________________________________________________________________

3.   Number of dogs worked, by category.     Please Circle:

4.   Please rate helper in the following categories:  (Use the scale of 1 to 10)

5.   In your OPINION what level of trials is this helper capable of working?

Reporting Judge Name:____________________________ Signature:____________________________

See back for point evaluation and use the back for comments


Point Evaluation: