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LV/DVG America

Submitted 12/06/2012  by Ray Reid

To All DVG Members,

Because of the rule in regards to microchips, I have contacted several companies and this seems to be the best price for the clubs on scanners and on chips.

I have had several emails requesting info on where to buy, and what kind of scanner to buy.

This is for information only and is not an endorsement of this product.

The American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery is also a non profit micro chipping and recovery service.

Yours in the Sport,

Ray Reid LV/LRO

AKC Companion Animal Recovery has special savings for DVG Clubs!

Please mention DVG when ordering a scanner and you get a discount of $25.00 which brings the price of the scanner down to $275.00. This scanner is the one to have for the clubs because it scans all of the microchips presently being sold including the ones in Europe with the ISO Standard.


The Proscan 700 scans the 134.2 KHZ, 125 KHZ encrypted, 125 KHZ unencrypted, and 128 KHZ.

They also sell ISO Standard chips for $5.00 when purchasing a box of 25 or more.

Please mention that you have a DVG Club for this discount.

Call Joyce Prapuolenis at 919-816-3808

Submitted 08/28/2012  by Ray Reid

Effective 08-28-2012 the judges will inspect all tattoos and microchips on all dogs entered in the trial.

Effective 08-28-2012 the judges will inspect all tattoos and microchips on all dogs entered in the trial. If the judge is unable to read the tattoo or the microchip then the dog will not be admitted into the trial.

This rule went into effect 3 years ago and DVG Germany was not aware that we were not conducting the check on all dogs.

There will be no exceptions to this rule, so please notify all of your clubs immediately that they will need a scanner or the owner will need a scanner and if the tattoo or chip is not readable then the dog will be refused entry into the trial. If you have a dog where the tattoo is unreadable then you need to have the dog tattooed again or get a microchip inserted in your dog, and have the scorebook changed to reflect the chip.

Submitted 01/16/05  Carole Patterson

ALL dogs must have either a tattoo number or a microchip number before the DVG office will issue a scorebook. Scorebooks will NOT be issued if the application does not include a tattoo or microchip number.

Honor Medals

Information about earning and awarding Service Honor Medals and the Application Form can be found at under "DVG Membership Related Forms"
DVG Germany is now charging 5 euros plus postage and a bank fee for each medal.

Please Note: According to DVG Germany’s rules, VM and EP members must be adults of the opposite sex who live at the same address and who are not related (except by marriage). The two adults do not have to have the same last name. This definition of EP which translates into “spouse” excludes any other family relationships or same sex partners.

DVG Germany is now on line. Click Here
(The site is in German)

New Phone Numbers and E-mail for DVG Germany
General Number: 01149-2372-55598-0
Fax Number: 01149-2372-5559822

News From AWDF

Submitted 3/03/14

To: All potential participants in the 2014 AWDF Championship

From: Carole Patterson, VP, LV/DVG America

At the request of our new LV America President, Annetta Cheek, I am still the person to go to for all of you wishing to enter the 2014 AWDF Championship.

Here’s what I need from you:

1)  A filled in entry form with all required information about you and your dog;
2)  A check made out to LV/DVG America for the amount of your entry fee.

My closing for this material is March 21st. At that time I will send your entry forms and a letter to AWDF Secretary, Michele Testa, stating you are a member in good standing of LV/DVG America. Your entry fee checks will be sent to our LV Treasurer who will write a single check for all LV America participants’ entry fees and send it to the AWDF Treasurer.

If you have any questions, contact me at Just an FYI, I will be on vacation from March 11 through 18th, so unavailable to be contacted.

Yours in the Sport,
Carole Patterson

Effective January 1, 2014

AWDF Team Selection - FCI IPO & FCI IPOFH

The AWDF will be using its annual championship event as the qualification for its team to represent the United States of America at the FCI championships.

FCI IPO team qualification:
The first (1st) through seventh place (7th) finishers at its annual All Breed IPO Championship will be the representing team.
6th and 7th place finishers will be the alternates

FCI IPOFH team qualification:
The first (1st) – third (3rd) place finishers at the annual All Breed IPOFH Championship will be the representing team.
The 3rd place finisher will be the alternate.

AWDF Scorebook policy
Motion passed May 16, 2013 (annual meeting)

  1. Effective immediately, AWDF member clubs can issue scorebooks to any breed of dog owned by their members and list the dog’s breed on the scorebook provided that proof of FCI recognized registration accompanies the application. Scorebook application processes used by each member club will be followed.
    1. Dogs for which no FCI recognized registration is submitted can receive a scorebook from any AWDF organization but the dog will be listed as a mix.
    2. Breeds not recognized by the FCI (for example, American Bulldog) must have their scorebooks issued by their breed organization or the dog will be listed as a mix.
    3. Clubs that offer the opportunity to have a non-FCI registered dog’s breed listed in the scorebook via a working privilege listing (for example Malinois with the AWMA) must have the scorebook issued by that club.
  2. Effective March 21, 2013, USCA eliminated the requirement for scorebooks to be certified by USCA, thus also removing scorebook certification fees. USCA will accept scorebooks from all AWDF, WUSV, or FCI organizations.
  3. Effective with the 2014 AWDF Championship, the requirement to use an AWDF scorebook is removed. This was done to accommodate the use of foreign scorebooks issued by FCI organizations and therefore complies with the FCI regulation of one scorebook per dog.
For further information, contact your AWDF member club.

Midwest KG

The Midwest KG Welcomes The Following New Addition:

  • TEXAS WORKING DOGS (in the Dallas Area)

  • Western KG

    IPO TRIAL, a DVG Working Dog Sport Trial
    according to Rules of


    Formerly SCHUTZHUND TRIAL (Sch H)  or Versatility Test for Working Dogs (VPG)

    at Allgemeiner Hundesport Klub's "FIELD OF DREAMS",

    19807 N.E. RISTO RD., BATTLE GROUND, WA.,   U.S.A.  

    SATURDAY, November 8, 2014, Workshop (Mini-Seminar) follows TBA depending on entrants till Sunday Nov 9, 2014, focusing on needs of the participants.

    With DVG Judge: Hartmut Beckmann, Morrison, Colorado, formerly of LĂĽbeck, Germany

    Helpers: Scott Weaver, back up as available

    Entry fees for Handlers w/dogs: IPO I, II, III, and FH: $50.00; BH, or Random Search Test: $40.00;

    TRACKING I, II, III; OBEDIENCE I, II, III;  or Protection I ,II, III,: $30.00  (Combination of 2 of these $50.00)

    Trial SPECTATOR FEE $5.00 ($10.00 PER FAMILY), to keep costs down for entrants. Thanks for your support!

    (Priority always go to IPO entrants, Entries will be accepted first come first serve w paid entry fees, See above and below for details..)

    Working DogSport Workshop (mini-seminar) Workshop $25.00/person w/ dog ($15 each additional dog), maximum 3 dogs per handler. ($10.00 discount on Workshop to all paid trial entrants.) Workshop based on the needs of the participants. We will send a questionnaire to all paid entrants.

    Workshop Spectator: $15.00/person (family $20.00). Trial Spectator fees paid will be credited to workshop fee as well.

    Information on DVG America and DVG Trial rules can be seen at http://


    Attached is the Trial announcement w/ details,  Allgemeiner entry form, and the DVG entry form (for the judge).

    Best of luck to all competitors and much fun in the sport training or simply spectating.

    We'll be cheering everyone on, because we know how hard this sport is!


    Nov. 29-30, 2014

    IPO Trial & DVG Helper Seminar

    IPO Trial – Nov. 29th

    Judge:            DVG WKG-OFV Ted Hartman
    Helpers:         Joel Monroe, Jose Curiel
    Location:       Columbine Elementary, 2240 Rd 160, Delano, CA
    Titles:              IPO I-III, BH, T I-III, O I-III, P I-III
    Entries:           Accepted up to day of trial
    Entry fees:     IPO $75, BH $65, P/O, P/T $70, O&T $45
    Practice:        We offer discounted training fees to prospective trial
    entrants during October & November!

    DVG Helper Seminar & Certification – Nov. 30th

    Helpers Wanted!!! DVG Judge & WKG-OFV Ted Hartman is actively looking for DVG helpers to be trained and certified. This one-day seminar will include helper instruction, testing and certification. Learn helper work or improve your skills. We offer first-time certifications or upgrade your existing certification to regional or national level.

    Seminar Fee: $10 for Helpers (incl. Lunch), Spectators Welcome

    Click links to area hotels:
    Best Western – Delano & Roadway Inn - Delano



    One Great Weekend!
    Two Great Events!


    IPO Trial – Nov. 29th


    Helper Seminar and Certification November 30th


    Superior Trial Helpers!


    Famous Tracking Grounds!


    We accept all scorebooks!


    Qualify for 2015 DVG Nationals


    Wild West Dogsport

    3723 Santillan St.
    Bakersfield CA 93312
    (661) 927-SCHH (7244)

    Click Here for
    Online Entries!

    Submitted by Ann Thomas on July 7, 2013

    The Western Region welcomes Laguna Working Dog Club

    Western Region wants to announce the addition of: SIERRA VISTA SCHUTZHUND CLUB

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