This is required to enter trials. DVG members must have a DVG issued scorebook. You must be a DVG member to obtain and/or use a DVG scorebook (Click here for membership information). This records the Dogís trial entries and accomplishments. To obtain a copy of The Scorebook Application Form, contact your local club, KG officer, or (if you have Acrobat Reader) download the form from the DVG Forms link. (The form can be filled out online using Acrobat 3.0 or higher and then printed.) Members need their club President's signature.

Completed application forms (including all required signatures) and a check for $18.00 made payable to LV/DVG America should be mailed directly to LV Treasurer,. The address is

See FAQ section to find:

  • How do I replace a filled-in scorebook?
  • How can I replace a lost scorebook and/or obtain a scorebook quickly?
  • For questions or comments contact: Bill Harper (webmaster@dvgamerica.com)

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